Stacked with Features

We’ve outlined some of the features Blaqbiz users are raving about below…

Add Your People

You can add as many users to the BlaqBiz platform as you like. This platform can easily be managed by only one user, but we understand other employees may need access to the valuable information stored within.

Multiple Currencies

Manage your offshore accounting and clientele in any currency or language around the world. There is no limit to how many currencies BlaqBiz allows.

The Tool Every Manager Deserves

Easy to install, easy to use, easy to monitor and lots of great features…

Features Galore…

Human resources, project management, accounting… You name it, we’ve built it into BlaqBiz.

BlaqBiz consolidates multiple software subscriptions many businesses have into one, simple to use platform that’s a dream for the HR manager of your company…

Basic Plan Core Modules

Below is an outline of the core modules included in the basic plan

Staff Modules

The staff module includes the following:

  • Employee information
  • User roles and privileges
  • Staff directory
  • Import employees functionality
  • Exited employee information
  • Employees last login
Core HR

The core HR module includes the following:

  • Transfers
  • Resignations
  • Promotions
  • Complaints
  • Warnings
  • Terminations

The organization module includes:

  • Departments
  • Sub departments
  • Designations
  • Companies
  • Official Documents
  • Locations
  • Announcements
  • Company Policies
  • Expenses

The timesheets module includes:

  • Attendance
  • Date wise attendance
  • Import attendance feature
  • Office Shifts
  • Manage Holidays
  • Manage leaves
HR Calendar

The HR calendar displays the upcoming events of note such as holidays, leave requests, upcoming birthdays ect. Everything you need to keep track of your workforce.


The finance module includes:

  • Accounts lists
  • Account balances
  • Payees
  • Payers
  • New Deposits
  • New Expenses 
  • Transfers
  • View Transactions
  • Account statements
  • Reporting
HR Reports

The HR reports module covers the following:

  • Payslip reports
  • Attendance reports
  • User roles reports
  • Employees reports

The payroll module includes the functionality for:

  • Generating payslips
  • General payroll functionalities

Pro Plan Added Modules

The pro plan includes all of the core modules from the basic plan, but you also get access to an additional 14 modules for further functionalities as seen below… 


The recruitment module includes the following:

  • Job posts
  • Job candidates
  • Job interviews

The travel module allows you to add all of the travel details for staff. You can easily add new Travel in the system. The form is elaborate with all possible information you might need to add for a new Travel.


The performance module includes:

  • Performance indicators
  • Performance appraisals

The accounting module is as it sounds, it allows you to systematically record, measure, and communicate information about financial transactions.


You can give your employees different awards at different times as your organization sees fit. Giving an employee award is very easy.


Create and assign employees for specific training with the training module. This includes:

  • Training lists
  • Training types
  • Trainers lists
Projects and tasks

Project management systems can be a learning curve all on their own. With the project management module in BlaqBiz, you can enjoy all the functionalities of a project management system without the learning curve. Our system makes it easy to assign tasks to specific staff members working on specific projects.

Goal Tracking

You can set up reminds so that you never forget to maintain those daily habits that lead to bigger goal achievement. Simply pick a goal, set a target by inputting a goal value or a certain date and then specify the action you need to do to turn it into a habit.

File Manager

With the file management module, you can access your files anywhere through self-hosted secure storage, file backup and sharing for your photos, videos, files and more. Upload and download large files for easy sharing.

Multi Language

The multi-language module allows you to set desired languages for your users.

Organization Chart

An organizational chart shows the structure of your organization and the relationships and relative ranks of its parts and positions/jobs.

Events & Meetings

The events and meeting module makes it easy to set and note important events and meetings. This all feeds back directly into the HR calendar.


Need to create and assign support tickets? BlaqBiz allows you to run a complete ticketing system all within your HR platform making it easy to provide support to customers and clients. 


Keep a track of your organization’s assets and assign them to employees. Store and maintain comprehensive asset information and employees can raise requests to replace or repair assets which have stopped working.


I was paying hundreds for monthly subscriptions, now I just use BlaqBiz.

We have a lot going on in our team, BlaqBiz allows us to manage everything smoothly.

Accounting, project management, staff management, BlaqBiz allows me to handle everything for my business in one spot.

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